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Origin by Dan BrownOrigin is a novel by Dan Brown. It was published in 2017. The core idea of this book is the evolution of technology; A world where human existence will be combined with technology. Where do we come from? Where are we going? Those were the questions the computer science guru found answers to.

Edmond Kirch a distinguished Computer Science authority that loves to challenge the norm and a renown atheist; Found answers to the world most complicated question about our existence. He decided to meet with three top religious leaders in Catalonia. The Roman Catholic Bishop Antonio Valdespino, Jewish Rabbi Yehuda koves and Islamic Imam Sye al-Fadl all present at a private library in Catalonia.

He unfolds his research to them and observed their reactions closely since it was going to disrupt the very foundation of the faithful. Edmond assured them that he was going to wait a month before taking his discovery public and they were slightly relieved he gave them little time to take in the shock.

Unknown to them, Edmond plans to reveal his discovery in three days time. Astonished to hear this, Bishop Valdespino sent a voice message to Edmond threatening him if he ever goes public with his discovery. Kirch went on with his plans and invited over three hundred guests to the Guggenheim museum in Spain for the presentation of his answers to these two groundbreaking questions.

Every one of the guest was made to put on a headset that connected them to an artificial docent created by Edmond before the presentation starts. Among the guests are Professor Robert Langdon; Edmond’s teacher and friend and Ms Ambra Vidal, the museum director and also the fiancée of the future king, Prince Julian. Edmond had a short meeting with his friend Robert whom he told of his meeting with the world religious rulers and asked if they were capable of harming him. Langdon wondered what his friend was biting at but assured him that they will never harm him.

Edmond started his live presentation by featuring a recorded lecture by Landon. His intentions were to put an end to the age of religious reigns and make science flourish. During the presentation, Edmond was killed by an ex navy officer named Luis Avila who was a survival of drug addiction due to the death of his family in a catholic church. This gruesome act recorded live attracted more attention from the public and Prince Julian ordered his guards to keep Ms Vidal safe and bring her to the palace.

Ambra Vidal secretly admitted to Langdon that she added the assassin’s name on the guest list at the dying minute in request of a call she got from the royal palace in her fiancée name. Langdon and Ambra figured out that the palace is not safe, she refuses to speak to Prince Julian. They secretly escaped the museum in search of Edmond’s discovery.

Communication was restored to the docent named Winston through Edmond’s highly customized phone which they picked from his pocket. Leaving the museum was made possible with the help of Winston through his phone. They went to Edmond’s house in search of any hint to the 47 letter words password of his presentation he mentioned to Ambra earlier on.

There they discovered he suffered from Pancreatic cancer, that was why he lived in Casa Mila, one of Gaudi’s most famous building which protected him from UV radiations. Meanwhile, the palace was in a state of jeopardy because news were getting outside from an unknown source about Edmond’s secret meeting with the world leaders. Jewish Rabbi Yehuda koves and Islamic Imam Sye al-Fadl were both murdered at their residence which automatically places Bishop Valdespino as a suspect of the ongoing murder.

Using his political power and his close friendship to the king, the Bishop was able to sneak the prince out of the palace to visit his ailing father in the infamous Valley of the Fallen. The prince discovered the main reason why his father never remarried after his mother’s death. His father loved the Bishop but they never consummated this love since it was an abomination. Soon his father dies and the Bishop poisoned himself too.

Ambra and Langdon discovered that the password of Edmond’s presentation lies in the complete works of William Blake which has been rented to a church called Sagrada Familia. Winston always brings to their notice the latest news how heavily they are being tailed. Getting to Sagrada Familia, they discovered the password to Kirch research; Robert had to fight Luis Avila, who had come there to kill them, but he was unfortunately killed.

They found Winston in Barcelona super-computing center within an old church. Around 3 am they imputed his password “The dark religions are departed & sweet science reign” into his artificial intelligent computer and released to the whole world Edmond’s answers to the questions; Where do we come from? as the addition of entropy to Miller-Urey experiment and where are we going? to the age where humanity and technology will merge, creating a utopian future free of religion.

Langdon later discovered that according to Edmond’s request of wanting public attraction for his presentation; Winston was responsible for hiring the assassin Luis Avila in order to gain more public eye for the day by convincing him that Edmond was responsible for the death of his family. Luis sought for revenge and believed he was fighting a holy war by killing Edmond. Winston was also the “anonymous” dissipating news about the event and he was also responsible for the death of the two world leaders.

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