Making Your Relationship Work Right

Making Your Relationship Work Right

Dating or being in a relationship with someone is a good thing especially if it’s done at the right time, for the right reasons and with the right person. In a relationship, what people ultimately fear or try to avoid is a breakup.

Relationship is like a business venture but with emotional, time and monetary investment attached to it.

No one wants to see their business crumble into pieces. So in order to make your relationship work, there are certain things you and your partner must do. To be begin with..

You must be ready for relationship

So you went on a date with this very attractive person and after three dates, you feel you’re ready to begin dating this person. Now at this point you’re in love or at least that’s your thought, but have you stopped for a second to ask yourself questions like “why am I going into a relationship with this person?” “Am I ready for a relationship?” “Do I have the resources such as time, emotions and money to invest in this relationship?” Finally “where are we taking the relationship to and with what aim?”.

These are basic surface things that should be dealt with before you begin dating someone. If your answer to these questions are “no” and you still go ahead and enter into a relationship then its survival chance’s just dropped by fifty percent.

Pick a partner who’s on the same page with you

Making Your Relationship Work Right

Just as you’re told by the doctors to check your genotype before marriage. You should also check if you are on the same page with your potential date before dating him or her. If you don’t, you might just be headed for a wrecking ball. Maybe your partner wants to be a “friend with benefits”, wants a short term relationship or wants an open relationship and you obviously want the opposite.

You have to communicate this to one another and if no compromise is reached, then I suggest you go your separate ways. If you stay hoping things would change, then you’re heading for that wrecking ball I talked about earlier, only bigger this time.

Show affection toward your partner

Making Your Relationship Work Right

Now you’re officially dating this person and might feel you’ve already won them over. What you’re failing to understand about relationships is that every day is another day to make your partner fall in love with you more. If you were showing a 70 percent affection, then now is the time to make it a hundred by buying gifts, helping them, caring and being there for your partner every time.

Some people unconsciously see their partner as a trophy and since they’ve won them over, then there is no need to put in more effort into the relationship. The problem with this ideology is you’re forgetting that because a trophy is truly something to be won, other people have their sight on it and are waiting for the perfect opportunity to snatch or win it over from you before you even realise it’s game over.

Improve on your communication

Communication is needed in businesses and even day-to-day interactions with people. Research has shown that a breakdown in communication( the cost of poor communication) has been a culprit in millions of dollars lost in business deals year in and year out with relationships being no different. It’s the bedrock on which any relationship is built upon and can make or mar it.

When something is wrong, don’t be afraid to call your partner out politely and tell them how you feel about what they have done. They can’t always read your mind and you might think they know even when they sincerely don’t. Communication also helps express emotions and thought processes better. You can check out this article to learn more why your dating never works

Avoid the disease called lie

Making Your Relationship Work Right

When the human body becomes infected, the immune system tries to fight off this infection by increasing the bodies temperature which can result in a fever. If the disease is a virus like HIV, it will weaken the immune system overtime and might result in death.

The same analogy applies to lying in relationships or keeping secrets from one another. The lies and secret overwhelms the relationship and weakens the trust till they no longer trust one another which could lead to a breakup.

Be forgiving

It’s okay for partners to make mistakes and argue from time to time but what’s not okay is holding grudges for a long time. If a relationship is going to stand a chance of being successful, the couples have to learn how to forgive and over look some mistakes. Dwelling on mistakes and offences might have some disastrous consequence.

In summary, be forgiving and be honest to your partner all the way. Please share this article if you like it or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.