How to stay away or get out of the dreaded friend zone

How to stay away or get out of the dreaded friend zone

Being friend zoned is literally everyone one’s nightmare, a situation whereby there is a conflict of interest and one person wants more than friendship and the other doesn’t. Now whether you are friends with benefit or friends without benefit, you’re still in the friend zone once you want to be committed in the relationship but the feeling is not mutual. Being friend zoned happens when two people cannot date because one person hasn’t moved past being friends, and  this could happen for so many reasons. Below are some ways you can stay away or get out of the friend zone.

1. Be straight with your intentions

How to stay away or get out of the dreaded friend zone

Am sure many of us have heard the biblical phrase “ask and it shall be giving onto you” well it turns out to be very correct and can be applied to staying away or get out of the friend zone. We all know how the dating process works
Guy meets girl.
They begin to get attracted to each other.
The guys are unsure if to ask the girl to be his date because he’s not sure how she feels or doesn’t want to be rejected.
Then finally he asks the girl out and she say’s yes, hurray.

But what happens when she says no and hits you with the “I like you but just as a friend” phrase, your whole world begins to crash like some countries economy and you begin to ask yourself what went wrong, well you might have caused it because you were not clear with your intentions from the start. She might have known that you liked her but didn’t act on it, she was waiting for you to say something but you were busy acting like a friend and now she’s come to terms with that and only sees you as a friend and nothing more.

brace up

At this point the best thing is to brace yourself up like a man and tell her to her face ” I want to date you” depending on whether you want to stay away or get out of the friend zone, this makes your intentions a hundred percent clear to her and forces her to make a decision on whether she wants to date you or not. This helps you stay or get out of the friend zone because if she wants a relationship with you, then you’ll know. If you get rejected, it will be your choice to decide whether you still want to be friends or you want to take a bus.

2. Stop being an unofficial boyfriend/girlfriend

How to stay away or get out of the dreaded friend zone

I personally think there’s nothing wrong with showing affections to the person you love. The only time it’s wrong is when the person isn’t reciprocating this feelings and you still continue like you are Jesus, well sorry to burst your bubble you’re not Jesus, because if you were, you won’t be reading this. When you play the role of a boyfriend in her life even after she tells you she just wants to be friends, you are doing yourself no good because you her letting her have her cake and eat it.

It’s like “why buy the cake when I can get it for free?” “Why date him when he can do all the boyfriends duty without him being my boyfriend and I get to meet other guys aside him?”. In essence, you are selling yourself short and all she will ever see you as, is a friend. You probably should withdraw some of those affections for the main time, it is what I like to call the “scarcity effect” because people like what they can’t have.

Make her understand the phrase “you don’t know the value of what you have till it’s gone” and if she still want those affections from you, then she should be prepared for commitment to a relationship.

3. Don’t be afraid of rejection

How to stay away or get out of the dreaded friend zone

Sometimes the only reason you got into the friend zone in the first place was because you were scared of rejection and the only way to get out is by not being scared of rejection. You’re scared of not being loved back, you’re scared of feeling emotional pains, you’re scared of the unknown (is she going to say yes or no) so you rather not ask and you settle with faith and hope that one day you might become more than friends.

Well it’s time to wake up from your fairy tale dream because that almost never happens so you have to brave up by asking yourself what could be the worst case scenario. If you still don’t know by now, the worst case scenario is that she says “no” and it might damage your supposed friendship but at the end of the day you’re out of the friend zone because you know whether to move on or not, because still staying friends might not be very mentally healthy for you; at the end of the day, she’s happy and you’re not. So brave the hell up, and ask her out.